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by FuzzyGrub on Jan. 30, 2019

Anyone have a recent fishing report? Thinking of giving this lake a try %uD83D%uDE00

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by Catcher on Jan. 14, 2019

Ice Report: 14 in
Lots of water under snow. Spent couple days. Caught few jacks. No luck for walleye

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by Zachk14 on Sep. 22, 2015

When out in august and had a hammer up for walleye, lots of boat traffic and heavy fishing due to Kimble lake campground but if every one will through a spoon or jig, do more technical fishing methods and should take you long to hook up with a big eye. Pulled several 6lb walleye biggest was 8lb, speed temp of water and wind play a huge part in this lake work your methods and you should find them

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