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by Argonan on Jan. 3, 2019

Ice Report: 12 in

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by Zebra Muscle on Aug. 13, 2016

Excellent lake for teaching kids to fishing. Fished two evenings for a couple of hours each - caught and released 5 pike the first, and 9 the second. All the kids in the boat caught fish and could not be happier. The fish here are small, so they're perfect for beginners. So weedy though!

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by Zebra Muscle on Aug. 6, 2014

A LOT of weeds and lily pads so I wasn't very optimistic but to my surprise, the pike fishing here was great (all little ones though). Fished three afternoons in a row and caught fish each time plus a lot bites. The edges of the reed beds north of boat launch and just south of east cabins was especially good. Forget any shore casting - boats only here (too weedy along shorelines). Jawbreaker spoons were the lure of choice.

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by Adiissa on Jul. 29, 2013

Few weeds here and there but always catch about 3 fish within an hour.

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